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Florida Home Improvement

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These relative changes in achievement are significantly different from zero at conventional levels for the bottom two quintiles, and not for higher-achieving students. Note, however, that even for the bottom quintile of students, the evident gain in achievement is not large – less than one percent of a standard deviation. That said, this pattern of findings makes us somewhat more comfortable that the post-tenure reform results may be genuinely due to tenure reform and not either “regression to the mean” or pre-existing trends, as may (reasonably) be suspected given the first pair of results we describe above. The same analysis based on historical shares of rookie teachers yields many similar findings with two notable differences. First, the similarities: The gap in test scores between schools with a high share of rookies (75th percentile) and a low share of rookies (25th percentile) trended similarly across all five groups of students in the pre-SSA period. And following tenure reform, test score gaps for the bottom four quintiles groups fanned out in such a way suggesting that lower-achieving students gained ground in schools where SSA would have had more bite. Now, the differences. Prior to SSA, the group of lowest-achieving students were the most – not the least – similar across schools that were more versus less exposed to SSA requirements for novice teachers. Visually, the pre-SSA pattern of gaps for low-performing students was flatter than for the other groups of students (rather than steeper, as in the other analysis). And, even more noteworthy, the largest gains after tenure reform accrued to the highest-performing students (in 2012-13 only). For 2012-13, our estimate of the dosage effect of SSA is positive and statistically distinct from zero for the lowest-performing group of students as well as the highest-performing group of students. So, while the general patterns of findings are consistent across the two approaches, the two sets of findings are not identical.

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Florida Home Improvement

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